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Hurt Me

Hurt Me

Your words..
they hurt me..
your insults..
they scar me...
you don't know what you do.
you call me stupid..
you tell me
Here we go again..
you and your fuckin mistakes.
do you honestly think that doesn't hurt.
your supposed to be the one always there for me
the one I look up to
the one who never insults..
never puts me down..
the one who cares..
how can you look me in the eye
and call me stupid
you are breaking me down..
piece by piece..
one day I will be nothing
then you will see what you have done
I thought for once
you could be the one I could trust..
I could actually build the relationship
my friends had with there figure as you..
but then I realized..
never could I..
for these scars you've left..
by your words..
your screaming..
run far too deep.....


22.9.06 22:34

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